HUGO Grand Opening At Aeon Mall Mean Chey

Hugo will be opening for the first time on the ground floor at Aeon Mall Mean Chey on December 15, 2022. The public is invited to celebrate the occasion and experience the latest collection firsthand.


The grand opening includes special offers:

  • Purchase up to 200 USD will get a free tote bag
  • Purchase up to 250 USD will get a free umbrella

Hugo is your go-to brand for casual and clean-cut clothing. Hugo is the fun sibling, frequently a little bolder, adventurous, and focused on more casual wear styling. Being true to yourself is the main stylistic goal. HUGO womenswear follows the men’s line with plenty of attitude, a party-girl vibe, modern tailoring, and mix-and-matchable smart and casual pieces. The HUGO woman chooses her outfits to reflect her mood, and her sense of personal style is unmistakable.


Hugo is a split brand from its original brand Hugo Boss which is divided into two brands – Hugo and Boss. Hugo Boss is a German high-end apparel brand that was founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss. They are renowned for producing high-quality products with fashionable designs. Hugo Boss has clothing options whether you’re looking for a new suit, dress, or pair of pants. The company initially produced work uniforms and only men’s apparel, but subsequently expanded into making other varieties of clothing lines for both men and women as well as for kids.

Hugo targets Gen-Z, aged under 25 youths by introducing accessible pricing, denim, streetwear, and contemporary tailoring. The brand aims to be the age group’s top of mind for dressing around self-expression.

The brand is considered a luxury brand, and while it is from German, it has a strong Italian influence for the trendy look that you will rock. The pricing reflects the quality of materials used to make the clothing. Hugo is a great reasonable luxury designer brand, so you can treat yourself to something wonderful and luxurious without going broke.

You can find tops, jeans, dresses, jackets, footwear, and accessories like ties, caps, bags, and socks; basically, almost everything is available at our store.

We are the brand to choose if you’re searching for high-quality products, fashionable designs, and premium attire. With our extensive product selections, there is something for everyone, and our quality assurance ensures that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. So stop waiting, head to Hugo today, and start shopping.

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